If you stake with us you are eligble for rewards. Minimum requirements are to stake at least one full epoch and to have minimum 100 ADA in stake. Currently we have following rewards:
- Sundae - 0.00005 x 1 ADA staked
- WMT (World mobile token) - 0.00004 WMT per 1 ADA staked
- anetaBTC - 1 cNeta for over 10k ADA staked (From Epoch 328 until 338)
- Hosky token 2 Millions
- Bison token 2 Millions

How to claim Adria Stake pool rewards

If you have staked more than one full epoch with us you can claim rewards through:

You just need to enter your stake or payment address and click on “Check Rewards”. On the next page you will probably see a lot of tokens, you don’t need to claim them all if you don’t want to. Instead on the bottom you can click on “Customize Request” and choose only the one that you want to claim.
For WMT, cNETA and Sundae you don’t have to claim every epoch. Rewards will accumulate for 10 epochs, so you only need to claim once in that period. If you don’t claim your rewards for more than 10 epochs they will be gone and it will not be possible to claim them. Hosky and Bison rewards disappears after each epoch.

NuNet (NTX) EarnDrop with ADRIA pool

We are part of NuNet earndrop program. Our delegators can earn NTX tokens since epoch 366 by staking with us. Claim your NTX rewards on website.

Claim your rewards on Tosi Drop

You can also claim your rewards through Tosi Drop which is new website for claiming rewards on Cardano:

Winners of random Sundae Airdrop

Winners are choosen randomly by :
Epoch 325 - stake1uy00ctg0a9v0zzrcrd0avetsym933ax47yz3e9rgp0fnsgcg3lf8q
Epoch 326 - stake1u8hrteqjflegz86sw209wpjrmjwf6m677kj7g9nx7gvnhjga9ydnm
Epoch 327 - stake1u9luuwpvhlq7auxrrf2kzc4tthnpvtk9rakg6fvp0kdccjcz868gz
Epoch 328 - stake1uyydg2dp0al8yad6rgpafyhh45caymqaa8h6q4the4sx7wgd4lzur
Epoch 329: - stake1u99lgcyrkfk5p2um9ctwfhf7e9pkssg6frzm5gyk06akhxsjx48mp