UPDATE: 01Mar 2024

If you stake with us you are eligble for rewards. Minimum requirements are to have at least 100 ADA in delegation and to stake more than one full epoch. Currently we have following rewards that are distributed every epoch:

2 000 000 m Hosky token each epoch for every delegator &
200 000 Bison tokens

FLDT ISPO with Adria Pool

If you staked with us for last few months you can collect your $FLDT tokens on More info on Fluid Tokens:

Extra ADA rewards for "High stakers"

- Stake >500k ADA and earn extra 50A per month
- Rewards are distributed each 1st of the month.
- Minimum requirement is to stake at least 5 full epochs.
- Limited slots.
- We have 2 slots for high stakers. Feel free to delegate.

How to claim Adria Stake pool rewards

Rewards will be distributed each epoch. You can collect them here:

You just need to enter your stake or payment address and click on “Check Rewards”. On the next page you will probably see a lot of tokens, you don’t need to claim them all if you don’t want to. Instead on the bottom you can click on “Customize Request” and choose only the one that you want to claim.
For Sundae and cNeta you don’t have to claim every epoch. Rewards will accumulate for 10 epochs, so you only need to claim once in that period. If you don’t claim your rewards for more than 10 epochs they will be gone and it will not be possible to claim them. Hosky and Bison rewards disappears after each epoch.

For "High stakers": Your rewards will be distributed each first of the month.