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Adria Pool is Cardano fan since 2017 and it has few goals in it's mission. One is to help decentralization and security of Cardano network. Other goals are to educate people (specially in ExYu region) about Caradano. We will do this through articles Learn Cardano and Videos in native languange for people in ExYu countries (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia). In this way we think we can contribute spreading knowledge about Cardano and bringing more people to our beautiful mission.
We are founders of - website for all Cardano dapps infos and statistics. By delegating your ADA with us you will be actively contributing to Cardano ecosystem and you will earn rewards along the way.


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Ticker : ADRIA
PoolId: pool1we9umarzn0l6jp8mcm98y28lxuuzcurzpjldnjwtgdhgw068mnr

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